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    8 Reasons Why You Should Repair Your Windshield Instead Of Replacing Your Windshield.

    [1]  Safety - Your windshield was installed at the factory with an ultra-tight bond that can never be duplicated. Because of this, a newly installed windshield can pop out during an accident and cause
    your airbags to malfuntion, placing your family at great risk.
    [2]  Water Leaks - Because we don't remove your windshield, there is no chance of air or water
    [3]  Environment - Since windshield glass can't be recycled, millions and millions are piled up in our landfills.
    [4]  Experience - I have been repairing windshields for over 24 years.
    [5]  No Down Time - On most new windshield instalations, it's recommended that you don't drive
    the car for 48 hours and don't run it through a car wash for 2 weeks. But since our 30 minute repairs fully cure in 5 minutes, your free to drive the car right away - even through a car wash!
    [6]  85% of all breaks can be repaired - I even repair and guarantee cracks up to 6 inches long.
    [7]  Lifetime Guarantee - For as long as you own your vehicle we guarantee the repaired area will
    not spread and will pass state inspection, or we will refund the original price of the repair.
    [8]  It's Free! - Since most insurance companies will waive your deductable if you repair your
    windshield, you save money.

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