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 Why replace it when you can repair it and save in a big way! 

      Why repair instead of replace your windshield?
  • Safety - A Repaired windshield can be much safer then a poorly replaced windshield.
  • Time - It takes less then 30 minutes to repair your windshield.
  • Money Savings - 23 vehicles now have windshields with a list price of over $1000. The average
    repair cost is less then $70.00.
  • Better News - If you repair your windshield your insurance company will normally waive your
    deductable and pay the full amount! And Ray will be glad to fill out the insurance paperwork
    for you.
  • Ecology - Windshields are seldom recycled, adding millions of broken windshields to our dumps.

        If you have a cracked, bull-eye, star or combination crack in your windshield get it repaired now,
        don't wait as the damage can quickly spread and replacement could be your only option.
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